Sanguis Spiritualis for Constance

by Will Staple

The goddess had a veil
and no one could look upon her face and lie
but     one man had to see her face
and so he lifted her veil
and there he saw that the face of the goddess
was his face . . .

You will never meet a person who believes
      in Godness or Spirit, with faith in a practice,
‘I’m beloved              why should I be perfect ?

Disidentify with consciousness and ego
                  so consciousness can be free
to see the whole soul        essential nature
a moment of love            a glimmer of light

from the moment you don’t expect so much:
                  it works.
When you have love you need nothing:
    without love you need everything your way
you must fill the nothing with everything
    and don’t know what you’re longing for . . .

Touched by selfless love      particles of light
thru every vein of the body          tears of joy
that take away hardness . . .              When I
open my window      the darkness conquers my eyes
but behind my eyes              eternity burns.