Far Breton

by Lucas Diggle

is best baked in an iron skillet,
whole prunes peppering its surface.

Don’t tell the foodie, that feeble fetishist,
or it will end up on a blog with some

thirty-something graphic designer
in a chef ’s coat hosting friends,

not a working cook among them.
It’s a sweet custard, a little thinner

than cold cream, forced through a sieve
and poured over the prunes.

But keep the photographer out
or it will end up in a spread

next to Ligurian fishermen
banging out bagna cáuda

in a rusty pan in Piedmont.
Bake it in a medium hot oven

until a crust forms around the ring
of the skillet and the surface

is slightly dark.  Don’t worry about
aprons, measures, or amendments,

just make the damn thing, and remember
foodie’s just another word for thief.