Style Status

by Adrian Blevins


Yoga pants are comfy.
They’re also an assault
on manners & a nihilistic
threat, said Kerry Folan
of the Washington Post
that day of the Aleppo
dead.  Day of lesion
& cut.  Day of gash
& ambulance.  Day
of getaway, day
of egress, day of
me wanting to know
what to do about
the yoga pants
like where to get
a drone or a pigeon
to tie this poem
to the leg of something
to say how good-for-
nothing Athlesuire is
& gross & shiftless
like the worst eye
of a dead witch
& incorrect & illicit
& slothy & indolent
like it’s got a bad infection
or some kind of virus
like the women
of the DC suburbs
wearing it everywhere
have got the sickness
of not heeding
the clothing desires
of this fashion editor
from New York
this day of the sick
& dirty Aleppo dying
& sick & shabby
Aleppo dead.


The quoted material beginning this poem is the title of an editorial by
Kerry Folan, Washington Post, December 15, 2016.