Café Review 2017 Summer Issue

Scottish Issue, Summer 2017 Cafe Review Cover

Featuring poetry in English, Gaelic, and Arabic, our latest Summer 2017 Scottish Issue of The Café Review continues our mission to bring Maine poetry to the world and poetry from around the world to Maine. Special thanks to our guest editor Christine De Luca, our latest issue contains  poetry by Patricia Ace, Henry Bell, Ron Butlin, Gerry Cambridge, Angus Peter Campbell, Niall Campbell, Jim Carruth, Ken Cockburn, Stewart Conn, Anna Crowe, Douglas Dunn, Vicki Feaver, Anne Frater, Miriam Gamble, Valerie Gillies, Alan Gillis, John Glenday, Pippa Goldschmidt, Yvonne Gray, Simon W. Hall, Iyad Hayatleh, Diana Hendry, Andy Jackson, Rachel McCrum, Ian McDonough, James McGonigal, Jane McKie, Liz Niven, Michael Pedersen, Tom Pow, Chrys Salt, Christie Williamson and Rab Wilson, with artwork by June August, Alex Boyd and Robert Powell. Join us for one of our issue release parties. The first will be on July 20 at Grittys Pub in Portland, Maine and the next will be at Blackwell Books in Edinburgh on July 28.

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