Athinas Street, Athens

by Michael Lee Phillips

What was the first question and what was the answer ?
That’s what I’d like to know.  And how did the answer know
That it was, and was supposed to ?

Omonia Square would reveal it, if it were asked.
Omonia Square would gaze the length of Athinas Street
And find the answer.

Athinas Street is the greatest street in the human world.
More answers are found, per linear foot, on Athinas Street,
Than anywhere else in the human world.

One needs a balcony above this street.
The best answers are always out on the street before sunrise.
At the Attalos Hotel I would get up before dawn
And sit on my tiny balcony

And read mystery novels,
And watch the answers out and about on Athinas Street.

Some would call that paradise, but I, personally, would not be That unkind.

Some questions marry the answers they court.
It’s understood.

Omonia Square understands.  It has been sitting forever at the end Of Athinas Street.
Be assured, Omonia Square would never read a mystery novel
If there were answers out and about.

Especially if those answers had chosen Athinas Street above all other
Streets in the human world
As their place to be out and about.

All the answers repeat themselves all day long — and, no, they did
Not get lost on the way from the oracle.
And, no, they do not repeat the answers together like a chorus.

When the questions show up later, they will find their answers.
That is easy enough to do
On Athinas Street, the greatest street in the known human world.