Douglas Leichter

Untitled #3 by Leichter

Douglas Leichter: received his art education at Cosmic University on the campus of the Divine.  To supplement a tenuous living as an artist he has worked as the following:  A magician who made himself disappear; A ventriloquist who irretrievably threw his voice; A flame in search of a candle; A pomegranate in search of his seeds; An unemployed alchemist; A stilled dervish and hummingbird; A sit down comic; The froth of an egg cream; An unearthed arrowhead; Has taught primitive behavior in the Amazon rain forest and at the Henry Street Settlement House in N.Y.C.; Worked as a ship in search of a crew; A cello string; A window shade; A bottle cap; A hat; A door; A rock; And a short stint as the wind.  His work can be seen in major and minor caves around the world whose locations are revealed to a few.