Until All of it is Back Like First Light

by Charlene Langfur

This is my first time out again
walking on my own, ready to start over
like the rose buds outside the front door
opening up in the dark, it is what they do
when the near light takes over, the dark blue sky
overhead, shadowing a cloud or two, I expect
a break, but here there are only tiny little stars,
nothing to give up trying about, only a reason
to keep on about a life, ideas about the future,
ideas that crack open like an egg or grow into petals,
the ideas breaking open again as if opening counts
more whether they actually work or not because it is
the way things start, getting better and better until
it is the first time again, and we find ourselves
where we belonged all along, edging along
the hedges of purple heather flowers, walking
tall as ever, my little dog guiding our way
as she knows how to do, away from what
is too busy, toward what we need to discover
all over again, I get it, it is the beginning
of what we already know, the new moon, here
is where we are not done yet, stepping light
but knowing the way, circling home again
opening in the dark, it took less time than I thought,
making a way again following it out