Alexander Etheridge

“I knew Jack Myers for years.  I’ve also been writing poems for a good while and if I’ve had any success with it, much of the credit is Jack’s.  I was working with Joe Stanco (friend of Jack’s) at Richland College, and he sent me along to Jack, believing he could take me further.  He was correct.  Jack was so generous with his time, and he mentored me for over a year.  We would meet at his home and discuss poetry, at least twice a month, for hours each time.  His instructions were and are invaluable.  Jack taught me how to self edit, introduced me to a couple of his brightest poetry students, as well as to the work of authors I had yet to ever hear of.  I’ll never forget the time I spent with Jack, and I’m still learning the extent of his gifts as a teacher and poet.  I miss him.  I wonder how he would edit this poem.”