Devoid of Exclusions

by Larry Fagin

“Nothing whatever, it arises as everything.” Lemon zest.  I can’t seem to keep
quiet which is a pity because you really need to rest. If you could run you would
call running a rest period. There’s no way out so go deeper in. Spot what don’t
fit, bombs in fake rocks. I’ve got some paintings of dogs playing cards that might
be valuable. Who’s in the room ?  Just Bill. Bill. I mean how many Bills can
there be ?  Try not to think about generations, individuals, prizes and awards,
movements, tendencies, phalanxes, growth, major or minor status, periods,
phases, context, comparisons, hierarchies, etc. If only you’d stop being yourself,
get it over with, the way the greats do. Care for some gold ?  Poured in a cup ?  I
can’t worry about you (or can I ?)  It’s a kind of banked fate.  Sure the hills have
eyes, assholes too. I’ll see you on the other side. But you can’t climb, can you ?