Begin Again

by Leonore Hildebrandt

To discern layers
of sound and scent
begin again
to focus sink and strike
begin to rise into the rising
begin in silence.

Begin with a question
the human dilemma
of purpose and failure
your immutable tracks
begin again
like a woman in childbirth
wailing toward her opening.

Begin again
bent over worksheets
longhand or shorthand
calculating remainders
begin again in laughter.

Learn mathematics
aerodynamics and flow rates
angles of concrete
fire codes
rearrange treerings
work in plaster or bronze
begin in the flesh.

Begin as a wound
a city in rubbles
cracked like industrial colors
record your confinement
and mold a blackbarren garden
of abraded plaster
torn like the sound
from an open mouth
begin with a trickle of water.

Like a seamstress
assembling pieces
begin again
disrupted disjointed
begin with a whimper

Begin again calmly
to trim and focus the light
set accents in red
a black panel tone
be unconstructed
your hair pulled back
your head closeshaven
begin again naked and wet.